Anthem Photo Club January 2016

Pat Gougelmann has been an avid photographer for the past few years; she’s more familiar by her facebook nom-de-plume  ‘Whispering Dove,’ and has devoted considerable time to her art taking camera classes and venturing afield to capture Autumn color in the high elevation ponderosa pine forests of the Pinal Mountains near Globe, AZ. Meet Pat, Roger and other club members at their meet-the-artist gallery reception January 9 -- see enlargements of her photos during January at Boyce Thompson Arboretum when Pat’s among members of the Anthem Photography Club.Works range from Fall foliage landscapes to a slice-of-life from the Drover's Wool Shed - and a whimsical portrait of the famous coatimundi which she photographed as he foraged in the palm trees one year ago.

Camera enthusiasts from the Anthem community at Merrill Ranch in Florence launched their photo club in 2007; during winter months they meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays –and meetings are open to all who wish  to attend. At meetings club members from amateur photographers to professionals review photos, talk technique – and plan occasional field trips and speakers.

Meet a few club members:
Roger Degler coordinates the club and had his own solo exhibition in the Arboretum gallery of ‘Arizona Sunsets’ in 2014. Roger’s interest in photography started four decades ago with 35mm cameras; digital photography rekindled his interest and spurred him to begin specializing in Arizona desert landscapes and our state’s signature sunrises and sunsets. Roger has won numerous photo contest awards and has been a guest speaker at the AZ State Fair; taking steps towards being a pro, Roger has sold enlargements at art shows for a decade, and teaches digital photography at the Anthem’s Sun City ASU Learning Center (also at the San Tan Valley campus of Central AZ College).

Robbert Van Cleave lived in the Pacific Northwest before retiring, then pursuing his passion for photography with two years of advanced study at college before Robbert and wife his travel the United States photographing National Parks, famous cities and mother nature in all her glory. “Photography allows me to share the beauty and history of our nation – and I love to share my knowledge with other photographers, helping them find the true beauty of photography.  I’m among annual members of the Arboetum and its an honor to see my interpretations of Arboretum gardens and Arizona scenery in the gallery for visitors to enjoy.”

Kathleen Prince also hails from the Pacific Northerwest (Washington) where she was a software engineer for Microsoft before retiring to AZ in 2009. She’d been dabbling with photography since getting a simple Olympus ‘point-and-shoot’ in 2001, but has graduated to a Nikon DSLR with multiple lense options; her favorite is a 400mm zoom which allows her to capture feather-crisp nature images. “Macro, or close-up, photography has always fascinated me - its amazing how different the world looks when viewed up close. I love water and photographing it, especially trying to capture water drops in action. My goal is to take photos that require no post-processing whatsoever. Until that time, I strive for realism. “Well... most of the time. When the mood hits, you'll find me creating digital art including pieces with a watercolor look, photos of melting clocks, or water drops that look like valentine hearts. I hope BTA’s visitors enjoy seeing my photographs and digital artwork as much as I enjoyed creating them.”

Trevor Martin has been involved in 35mm Photography for 40+ years.  Most of the time it was just for the enjoyment of photography, documenting family with snapshots.  He tried many times to get serious about photography, but work and family obligations somehow negated the serious attempts.  Now that he is retired, he can devote more time to this endeavor.  He says that he loves to learn from other photographers and try out their techniques.  Trevor is not solely interested in any one particular area of photography, but loves variety in his photography portfolio.

Gary Loper was born and raised in Warren, Pennsylvania, but schooling and employment took him to Schaumburg, Illinois. In 2014, he and his wife Janice moved to Arizona.  Gary’s first camera was a Minolta SRT 101, purchased while he was in the US Air Force in Germany. At that time, Gary found that taking pictures was something that really interested him. He spent time seeing many sights in Europe, and going to various popular race tracks where he enjoyed taking pictures. But Gary found that film development was expensive. When digital cameras came on the scene, his interest was re-energized and he started taking pictures again. Gary considers himself an amateur photographer, with still a lot to learn about his camera and taking pictures. Gary says that being part of the Anthem Photo Club has helped him tremendously.  He further states “I hope you enjoy the pictures I have selected to show at the BTA Gallery.

Boyce Thompson Arboretum is at highway 60 milepost #223 near the historic copper mining town of Superior, a drive of about 45 minutes due East of Mesa. December visitors are admitted from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.; no visitors are admitted after 4:00, and the Arboretum closes promptly at 5:00 p.m. New exhibits begin each month and may be seen daily during business hours; the Arboretum is an Arizona State Park and daily admission must be paid to enter the Visitor Center where our gallery is found. A membership may be purchased in the gift shop on the day of your visit.

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