Hear the Drone of the Didgeridoo
Try a Bite Of Vegemite
Join a Walk-A-Bout Tour
Australia Day January 27

• Try a Bite Of Vegemite or Violet Crumble and learn about Australia from author Marilyn Osborn, also travel and tourism expert Matt Welch. They will each host exhibit tables in the Visitor Center starting at 10:00 a.m.

•Wombat Stew Story Hour for Kids 10:00 A.M. in the Visitor Center breezeway

Didgeridoo and circular breathing workshop with Bernie Haley and Ryan Nemec in the Smith Building Lecture Room 10:00 a.m.For details, questions or to RSVP, Call Bernie at 250. 927. 5544, or e-mail him at bahaley@live.com.
Take a Walk-about, join our Guided Tour at 11:00 a.m.
Didgeridoo Concert and Australian stories in the Picnic Area from 1:00 - 3:30 p.m.

Experience a taste of The Land Down Under -- our Australia Day event celebrates the plants, foods and culture of Australia. Events are included with $12.50 daily admission for adults, $5 for ages 5-12.
Didge players, and those who own a didge but never learned the technique of circular breathing to play it, are invited to join Musician Bernie Haley for an informaldidge workshop from 10:00 a.m. til noon in the lecture room, a chance to learn more about these ancient woodwinds, and get coaching on the challenging style of Circular Breathing that's required to maintain a constant drone .
Haley will also offer a concert open to all visitors that afternoon from 1:30-3:00, outdoors beneath the Eucalyptus trees if the weather is clement -- or in our lecture room of the Smith Building if the event of rain or excessive cold.

Learn about life in Australia
Sample a few tastes from Australia, get acquainted with maps and culture. Author Marilyn Osborne will host an exhibit table with her collection of Australian artifacts, sharing bites of‘Violet Crumble candy bar, Golden Syrup, Weetabix, Damper – and yes, Vegemite. She's an Arboretum annual member who lives in Mesa -- and wrote Child Of The Outback, and also Footprints And Fragrance In The Outback. Read more about the author and her experiences growing up in Australia at www.childoftheoutback.comWant to learn about travel to and within the Land Down Under? Matt Welch runs the Australian Tourism Centre in Tucson – and will have a nearby table with maps and info.

Join an 11:00 AM walk-a-bout
Australian Outback Plants’ Dani Osborn knows well the plants of ‘Oz’ with her extensive background in drought tolerant and native plants. Meet Dani in our visitor center Saturday when she’s a special guest guide for our 11:00 daily walk-a-bout. She has traveled to Australia and ranges the Southwest from AZ to California and Las Vegas as a consultant specializing in eucalyptus varietals. She’s a Certified Interpretive Guide and sought-after speaker for AZ master gardener groups and municipal water companies. Join Dani on a walk-a-bout to see mulga and mallee, river bushwillow – and ‘ghost gums.’

Lunch -- Down Under Style -- Lamb & Rice Noodle Salad $6
Dessert ? Sticky Date Pudding $4

Jade Grill restaurant in our neighboring town of Superior features innovative Chef Lucy Wing – and she’ll prepare something special to sell starting at 11:00 a.m. on Australia Day. Mutton scores a listing among the Top 10 Iconic Australian Foods, and Chef Lucy will debut her own inspired (and healthier) take on an Outback staple, selling a Lamb & Rice Noodle Salad for $6. Sales are cash-only; plan for an additional $4 for her unique dessert: Sticky Date Pudding. Connect with Jade Grille on Facebook
Carry cash; preferably $10 or $20 if you're buying for guests - because her hands will be too busy filling orders to make change or process credit cards. You can pay by credit at Lucy’s celebrated local restaurant, less than 5-minutes drive from BTA, which is also a Jan. 27 lunchtime option. Jade Grill will be open both days of the ‘Superior Home Tour’ weekend, stopby for Chef Lucy’s orange chicken, vegetarian lo mein, Vietnamese pork sandwiches –or rice pudding. Read the full menu and confirm hours
Here's a video of a previous year's Australia Day Highlights

           Frequent Arboretum visitors will tell you they particularly enjoy a stroll past the giant eucalyptus tree which we call "Mr. Big." They may also tell you that this property is home to one of North America's largest collections of Australian plants-- at least 449 species in the arboretum collection that have Australian roots.

Australia Day gives our staff a chance to showcase the walkabout trail, the Drover's Shed and trees such as "Mr. Big," which is more than 140-feet tall and has an eight-foot girth. This River Red Gum tree was planted in 1926 when the Arboretum's first opened to the public.