Learn Your Lizards Guided Walk Season Finale
September 9

       Summer 2017 has one final date for our popular Learn Your Lizards guided walks -- Casa Grande reptile enthusiast and educator Wild Man Phil Rakoci will be joined by special guest Dan Leavitt for hte 8:00 a.m. walk -- assuring two guides in case there's an oversize audience which needs to be halved. . Lizard walks last about 90-minutes and explore our main trail and gardens; our weekend nature walks are included with daily admission of $12.50 for adults and $5 for ages 5-12.There is no pre-registration required, just be in our visitor center breezeway at tour start time.

Arizona Game & Fish researcher Dan Leavitt and Jamie Wisenall are Phil's special guests leading the walk --
Get acquainted Dan, watch this Preview of the Lizard Walk on Arizona Wildlife Views youTube Channel

Not just for kids, these walks lure all ages who enjoy Arizona's most common, colorful and charismatic little reptiles.
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Lizard walks are popular here -- and having multiple guides allows our leaders to split large tour groups into smaller ones, for a great morning in the gardens -- and plenty of time for kids to ask all the questions they want about lizards, snakes and reptiles.
       Lizard Walks are the most popular guided tour we offer for kids, so make sure to invite yours - or bring along grandkids, nieces and nephews -- but please remind them not to capture or harass the Arboretum lizards. Our trained volunteers are allowed to safely catch-and-release lizards during these once-a-month guided tours in order to help educate visitors, but the speedy little critters prefer to be left alone and can be injured if you're not careful catching and handling them.  Make sure to bring your camera for close-up pictures of lizards, because Wild Man Phil will safely catch and release colorful lizards such as the ones shown on this page. Also make sure to carry a water bottle on the walk -- but leave your butterfly nets and lizard nooses at home.

        Have you ever stopped to wonder why Arizona lizards do those comical pushups to display their "abs of azure?" Learn Your Lizard walks are a chance to learn why. Participants in the guided walks have many chances to observe unique reptile behavior and learn why lizards have blue bellies and other Sonoran esert adaptations.
Dozens of entertaining reptiles scurry across the main trail at the Arboretum, where a variety of species are common and many of the lizards are more accustomed to people walking by than their cousins out in the desert. Summer mornings are hot, so wear sunscreen, a wide-brimmed hat and carry a bottle of water. Carry along binoculars for a close-up view of reptilian colors, and a field guide to reptiles if you own one.

        Visitors will learn the meaning of the word "herpetologist" and are likely to see a variety of "herps," and perhaps even a handsome western diamondback rattlesnake basking quietly in the shade near the Boojum trees in the Arboretum's Cactus Garden. Reptiles around the Arboretum trails are more easily observed than along desert paths where their survival depends on being wary and furtive.
Species most commonly seen here are Ornate Tree Lizards, Greater Earless Lizards, Tiger Whiptails, Desert Spiny Lizards, and Side-Blotched Lizards.
         Check out photos of these native Arizona reptiles at azreptiles.com

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