Fred Charlton Watercolors Of Arizona, The West,
New England And Europe Exhibited May, 2007

       Since moving to Arizona in 1994, Fred Charlton has been fascinated by the colorful and unique painting opportunities that the desert, rim-rock, mountains and forests offer in his adopted state. These themes were reflected in his landscape paintings exhibited in the Visitor Center Gallery at Boyce Thompson Arboretum during May, 2007.

       "The Southwest is only the latest region to stimulate my interest in painting. My wife, Janine, and I retired and then spent a year touring Europe, where I filled my sketchbook with scenes from our travels in France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Italy. Upon returning to the U.S., the travel bug bit even deeper. We purchased a Southwind motorhome and began a four-year odyssey across the United States, with forays into parts of Mexico and Canada. Those early sketchbook pages began turning into watercolor sketches - and I found an additional career writing travel stories for magazines and newspapers. Some of these were illustrated with my own pen and ink sketches. This current show includes watercolors from these European and North American travels."

       Nearly three dozen original and framed works in Charlton's exhibit ranged in price from $75 to $350. Matted and unframed prints were $25 for the 11-by-14 inch size, $45 for the 16-by-20 inch prints and $65 for the 18-by-24 inch prints. To inquire about prices and commissioned works by the artist call 602-770-4238 or email

       "My paintings focus on landscapes. Nature provides a never-ending source of subjects. A drive up the Apache Trail, for example, opens up a lifetime of subjects to paint. And if that isn't enough, try visiting Sedona, Flagstaff or Canyon de Chelly!
The real challenge in painting desert scenes is getting the colors just right. There's so much light, it intensifies everything that you see - a totally different painting experience for this Midwesterner."

      Like many painters Charlton was first inspired by another artist: his architect grandfather, who was a noted watercolorist. Charlton studied painting and design at the University of Michigan and then worked t an advertising agency as art director. His interest in watercolors continued, first as a "Sunday Painter" and later as a full time artist.

       The desert Southwest is one of two main seasonal sources of inspiration for Charlton. During the Summer he works in a Nantucket Island gallery and tours New England, exploring coastal highways from Maine to Connecticut. In the Fall, he travels to the Southwest to enjoy the warmer weather and the inspirational scenery. His photos and on-the-spot sketches provide material for new watercolors. Charlton is a member of the Mesa Art League, Apache Junction Society for the Arts, Scottsdale Arts League and the Chicago Society for the Arts. His works have been exhibited in Phoenix area shows as well as venues in Colorado and back East.

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