Gourd Art Workshops
         March 7 Beginners Gourd Art - $45
         March 14 Pine Needle Coiling - $50
         April 4 Thunder Gourds - $55

         > Please note that class enrollmend does not include additional $12.50 arboretum admission -- which is required if you're not among our annual members, or don't have an AZ State Parks pass

With A Credit Card Ready, Call 520. 689. 2723
during Business Hours 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

         Try your hand at a new art form – dried gourds are like a three-dimensional canvas, a forgiving medium that is inexpensive and one you can paint, etch, carve, burn, stitch, emboss and embellish. Vicki and Gerald Johnson's popular introductory workshop in Basic Gourd Art returns Wednesday March 7.

         This class is designed for beginners, but they’re equally popular with repeat students who are eager to improve their skills – or who simply want access to Vicki and Gerald’s impressive array of paints, brushes, carving and burning tools – art books and more. The class includes a gourd that has already been cleaned and prepped; you’ll start by learning to choosing and drawing a design, and get instruction in wood-burning, and applying color. Amazingly, we still have a few spaces available!

         To enroll, call 520.689.2723 with your credit card ready to prepay. Advanced gourd classes continue with ‘Pine Needle Coiling’ March 14, and Thunder Gourds on April 4.

ADVANCED CLASS for experienced gourd artists: Pine Needle Coiling
         At the request of many repeat students, on Wednesday March 14 Vicki and Gerald will offer a second workshop teaching a specialized technique for students who have attended their entry level class, and are eager for a new challenge. 'Pine Needle Coiling' is done with pine needles and waxed linen thread, and provides a finished touch to the top of your gourd bowl. All materials, including prepared gourd, pine needles, thread and decorative attachments such as pods and beads are included in the class.

         Enrollment is $10 higher than the basic gourd class -- the $50 registration includes specialized materials and instruction.

                  Vicki and Gerald's gourd art classes frequently fill, so if there's a waiting list when you call -- please leave your name, phone number and email -- provide your contact information and you'll be called if there are any vacancies, and you'll also receive an email announcing the next gourd class date.

Gourd class graduate Cozette Matthews describes the relaxed, informal workshops as an inspiringplaces for beginners to lear the basics, and for experienced gourd artists to create new works in a friendly atmosphere, saying: "I thoroughly enjoyed the gourd class last month. Gourds provided were a great shape and fun to decorate, instruction was thorough and everyone had a chance to be totally creative.There was a large choice of techniques and everyone had plenty of time to finish and lots of encouragement was given along the way. The room was also delightful because the doors were all open and you could hear the birds outside and feel the nice warm air coming into the room."
Classes are limited to 12 students.