Kimberly Harris Paintings
On Exhibit December and January

             Pistachio trees, honey locust and combredum make Boyce Thompson Arboretum famous for breathtaking Fall color -- December and January visitors will see even more vivid hues in the art gallery adjacent to our Visitor Center breezeway during a month-long solo exhibit by painter-sculptor Kimberly Harris, sharing inspired takes on nature in two-dimensional and three-dimensional mediums.

Meet the artist at her gallery opening reception January 6, Saturday, from 1:00 until 4:00 p.m. Click images at left or right for an invitation from Kimberly!

             Her signature style took shape during a residency in 2013 at Zion National Park, then expanded with her travels thoughout the Colorado Plateau in southern Utah, northern Arizona and Colorado. "Two contrasting mediums, clay and watercolor, allow me to express my love for the natural landscape and express the energy I feel from the mountains, rivers, rocks and trees. My work does not replicate or copy nature, my goal is to capture the essence, the energy and vibration of a place. The work is influenced by the forms, textures and
details I experienced in the natural environment.

             Originally from Peoria, Illinois,Harris arrived in Tempe, Arizona to study architecture in the 1970s. "I pursued that dream - and still practice some architecture. I have my own practice where I mostly design restaurant and hospitality projects. My interested expanded after graduating from architecture school and I pursued watercolor as a creative outlet. Eventually I added clay and steel to the list of materials I liked to integrate into my work. Watercolor was the original medium of choice."
              "When I create a watercolor painting I am inspired by the place, the details, the patterns and colors. When I decide to create a painting of a specific place I look for patterns and details that inspire that landscape. I try to express the feelings I have about the place energetically on paper. I use color and pattern to create the vibration I feel. The work has a common language of intense layered color and pattern."
             "I started creating the sculptural work as earth-blocks of recycled clays in a block form. I used both additive and subtractive methods for sculpting the forms; adding plant formations and organic details and subtracting through carving to create the rock formation shapes. The shapes, forms and details are informed by the landscape of the Colorado Plateau in South Utah and Arizona."
             "Over the past several years I traveled extensively through the southwest and collected materials I like sand, clay and dirt that I added to these objects. Adding these materials from these places makes me feel they are infused with the energy of the places I have been along the way. I use other additives like vermiculite, ash, sand and other elements to create certain textures and colors in the work. The work is a collection of a lot of experimenting with oxides, under-glazes, glazes, paint and wax. I have used everything but the kitchen sink. The objects themselves can be interesting in their details and textures. For me these pieces are part of my own imaginary landscapes. In many ways the watercolor work is also part of an imaginary landscape created by my mind."
             Connect with the artist through her website Studio K Architecture, Art & Interiors
Call her at (602) 381 8819, or email
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