Nancy Romanovsky Paintings
Exhibited February 2015

          Best known for vivid oil paintings of aspens - and scenic grand canyon vistas, a solo exhibition of 30 landscapes by Nancy Romanovsky opens in February in the visitor center art gallery at Boyce Thompson Arboretum.
         "These represent my experiences in nature: scenes from Arizona’s high country forests and dramatic desert views. I think of myself as an artist who loves to hike -- but 'a hiker who loves to paint' is probably a more precise description. I want to paint what I have experienced hiking in nature,” Nancy says.
         Talk to Nancy at her “meet the artist” event on Saturday, February 7, from 10 a.m. to noon. During the event, the Glendale artist will also be working on a painting and discussing her technique.
         An Arizona native, she began oil painting at age nine and later studied art at Arizona State University, the Scottsdale Artists’ School, and privately with several American artists. She became a professional artist at 40. Her paintings are sought after by collectors due to her unique style. Honest and non-pretentious, they showcase nature's beauty through skillful combination of light, shadow - and serendipitous plays of color. She carefully shapes, almost sculpts, her trees and landscapes. And, yet, they are not mechanical reproductions of natural scenes. She is never obsessed with tiny details—she leaves room for her viewers to complete her work with their own personal reflections, memories, and feelings.
         “If you have my painting in your house, it is not for attracting the attention of your guests and becoming a topic of cocktail-party discussion,” says Nancy. “But when you are by yourself, I hope that my work will—once in a while—gently invite you to look at it and discover another corner of your own internal world that echoes with my experiences in nature captured in the painting.” Classy and unique, simple and inspirational, Nancy Romanovsky’s paintings are held in corporate and private collections in many countries, including Italy, Canada, Brazil, and Hungary, as well as locally.
All works at this exhibit—in all sizes and price ranges—will be available for purchase. A limited number of Nancy’s popular aspen oil sketches on canvas paper will also be available. “My small framed oil sketches are a great way to get started collecting original art”, says Nancy. Nancy Romanovsky is a member of the Oil Painters of America, American Women Artists, and Women Artists of the West. Together with her husband and four children, she resides in Glendale, AZ. When she is not busy with her youngest daughter, she paints. Her hobbies include hiking and tree farming. Follow Nancy - and see new works post on Facebook at
For more information, contact the artist
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