Heather Coen Painting Workshop
April 5, 2014
Australian Plants of the Arboretum

$20 for BTA members, $30 non-members.
All levels of oil or pastel painting experience welcome
With a credit Card ready, call 520-689-2723

Painters of all skill levels are welcome at this new class that will focus on the famous Australian collections here at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. Enrollment of $20 for BTA members and $30 for nonmembers includes a full afternoon's worth of instruction; enrollees will provide their own art supplies -- the list of suggested supplies appears below.
During the Saturday afternoon workshop Heather Coen will instruct students on how to create a central focus, how to layer your paint or pastels and color harmony.
Bring an easel, your paint supplies, warm clothing (in case of cold), apron and a fresh canvas 11-by-14 or smaller. Water, a hat and sunscreen are suggested; and the list of suggested art supplies is below. Class is limited to ten students and will be outdoors if weather is clement -- or indoors in the Lecture Room in the event of cold or wet conditions outside that day. Heather Coen is an award-winning master colorist working in both oils and pastels, and has her work is showing in seven galleries in three states. Juried into 28 National shows in the last 36 months.
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White (Premelba is very creamy and my favorite)
Cad. Yellow Light
Cad Yellow Medium or Dark
Alizarin Crimson
Ultramarine Blue
Raw Sienna
Raw Umber
Cad Orange
Cad Red Light
Sap Green
Cobalt Blue
These are the base colors. For fun add the following:
Cinnabar Green Light
Verditer Blue
A paint dryer such as liquin or galkyd .
I love angled soft bristle brushes. Leow-Cornell and many other brands are fine.
Be sure to add an assortment from 3/16 down.
Also include 1/2 inch glazing and some 3 to 5 liner brushes.
You will need a container with ODORLESS paint thinner to clean your brushes.
Paint rags or paper towels.
A grey paint pallet.
An Easel (portable). Some people prefer a small collapsible stool.
Stretched Canvas (You maybe required to prepare the canvas with a dried black or dark colored under-layer) 11 by 14 or smaller.
Dress appropriately: Layering is helpful but bring a hat, water, snack and an apron. Sometimes bug spray, sunscreen, and wet wipes are necessary.

Please make sure the sticks are SOFT pastels. Unison and Terry Ludwig carry sets of these colors that will work perfectly. They should be "Landscape."
Whites (pure to slight variations with all the rest of these colors)
Yellow Light
Yellow Medium or Dark
Alizarin Crimson (dark reds)
Blue (light to dark)
Raw Sienna (red brown)
Raw Umber (dark brown)
Orange (light to dark)
Red Light
Sap Green (an assortment of greens is good for any landscape)
Cobalt Blue
Other Supplies:
Mounted and SANDED pastel board or paper 11 by 14 minimum.
A container for water and some nice soft bristle brushes.
I love angled soft bristle brushes. Leow-Cornell and many other brands are fine.
Also include 1/2 inch glazing and some 3 to 5 liner brushes.
Paint rags or paper towels.
An Easel (portable and stable).
Liquid Glove to protect your hands.
Some students like to bring a stool.
QUESTIONS about items on this list? Email [heather@artintherockies.com ] or [coen850@msn.com] or call


"Introduction to Painting with Acrylics" (Beginners I)

"The Next Step for Beginning Painters," (Beginners II)

Learn the fundamentals of painting with acrylics in three different levels of March workshop series coached by Gold Canyon artist Sue Ann Dickey who strives to "take the 'pain' out of painting" for beginners, and for anyone who was left frustrated by other painting or art classes, or has drifted away from painting and wants to try again."
What did February class participants have to say following their workshops? Here are quotes excerpted from appraisals: "itwas relaxed and fun...in a friendly, non-stress atmosphere....our teacher, Sue Ann is very knowledgeable and positive....it's okay to experiment - the atmosphere was very supportive and affirming...there was ample time to work on our own with critique. I thoroughly enjoyed this class; Sue Ann's awareness of, and attention to, the varying skillsets and abilities of the participants - I'm already signed up for the next workshop."
Enrollment of $135 for Sue Ann's three-day workshops includes three afternoons of instruction and free admission to the Arboretum. The Beginners #1 class enrollment includes a basic set of brushes, paints and canvas boards valued at $65 that each student will keep when the class is over. Other art supplies, such as easels and design materials helpful for beginners will be available for use. 'Introduction' classes will have a mix of indoor and outdoor instruction each day and will cover brush stroke techniques as well as an overview of Composition, Color, and Contrast. The follow-up workshop for experienced beginners picks up where the 'Introduction' workshops ended; enrollment for "Beginners #2" sessions does not include art supplies.
Graduates of Beginners II had these comments: "Sue Ann was very helpful to each individual - Relaxed atmosphere in which to learn - Sue Ann knows how to teach! - Positive attitude of the teacher and fellow students - Very friendly. Relaxed. We were challenged but not stressed - Personable instructor who knew how to get things across - We have something to take home to show family and friends. Finished (or nearly finished product). Sue keeps it fun and relaxed - Freedom to experiment and Sue Ann's instruction - Painting, painting, painting. I like Sue Ann's style of teaching - Sue Ann is an outstanding and encouraging artist."

Questions, Comments, Ideas? Sue Ann welcomes inquiries by email sueanndickey@hotmail.com, or phone calls to 480.982.1336.

Sue Ann Dickey is an Arboretum annualmember and Arizona State Parks volunteer who is donating her time coaching these workshops as a BTA fundraiser. Dickey welcomes inquiries from enrollees who are unable to commit to three days in a row, but who would like to be contacted about future art workshops during 2013.

Sue Ann Dickey was also the featured artist of 2013's Gold Canyon Art Festival; her poster design is shown at right.

Q. What do you enjoy about teaching beginners to paint?
A. Their enthusiasm. I love to see them keep that alive; painting is supposed to be fun!

Q. How is your teaching approach different?
A. My students know: "it's just paint." And they don't have to be skilled at drawing to become a confident painter. I've always thought it crazy that drawing is required at university level before you are allowed to take painting classes. In the beginning workshop, I provide the sketches so no one measures or lifts a pencil. We start with the basics: how to adjust the easel, what different brushes do - and don't do -, practice strokes, and what the labels on the paint tubes convey. Simplify!

Q. Who should enroll in your class?
A. Absolute beginners-to-intermediate painters who want a no-stress environment to fill in some blanks that were missed; to refresh or re-introduce themselves to their tools, and practice their technique.

Q. What elements of art and technique should they expect to learn after three half-day sessions?
A. We'll have covered their materials for painting with acrylics, useful brush strokes, and an overview of the '3 Cs': Composition, Color, and Contrast.

Q. What's your background?
A. I grew up painting with oils, standing next to my mother. She was, and remains, an amazing artist. I sold my art in college to make ends meet. After entering the business world, I rarely had time to paint while I climbed the corporate ladder.
I always said, 'Some day....' and someday finally came. Now, I walk into my studio and paint whatever I feel needs to be painted. The diversity of the Sonoran Desert has challenged me in fabulous ways. Artists look for and see details many do not.
It's a wonderful bonus.

For details about these and other classes Email sueanndickey@hotmail.com, or call her at 480.982.1336.