Paul Kinslow Paintings And
Photography January 2011

       Scottsdale artist Paul Kinslow enrolled as an Arizona State Parks volunteer in 2007 to share his talent for photography, subsequently teaching one of the most enthusiastically-received camera skills workshops ever here at Boyce Thompson Arboretum. We are proud to showcase a range of his work in the Visitor Center gallery during the month of January, 2011; his show will be installed Saturday January 8 and opens Sunday the 9th with a meet-the-artist reception from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

The January exhibit will allow us to showcase the range of Kinslow's visual talents: his impressive range of painting and photography. Meet the artist at his gallery opening reception Sunday, January 9, from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

      Kinslow's work has been exhibited in numerous venues and published in periodicals including Southwest Art, Better Homes and Gardens, Gourmet, Canoe and Kayak, and Climbing Magazine. He's a bonafide Arizona talent --an gifted teacher and an engaging man to interview! Asked to describe his art, he replied:

      "I am compelled to work in a variety of ways -- call them styles If you wish. My images, whatever their style or medium, represent a means of understanding not just the form but, as well, the meaning of what I see. For me, seeing is knowing and the search for knowledge drives my life."

      "In the current, regionally-weighted, gallery-based, sales- dependent art world, one's 'style' is one's brand. Hence, my inconsistent, peripatetic, not-always-artistically-successful approach complicates name recognition, creates promotional chaos and difficulties for the sales gallery. Consequently, the opportunity to display a variety work is rare and I appreciate it."

      "I have been painting for a very long time -- I can't remember when I began. I have no idea how many works I have completed, framed, shown, sold, given away or thrown away. Hundreds certainly; maybe thousands."

      "For many years -- decades in fact -- I made my living solely with my art: a stand-up easel painter with a cluttered studio, paint in my hair and sleek, well-appointed women in distant galleries paid to sell my work. Thankfully, this situation was repeatedly upset by a chronic and commercially-suicidal wanderlust. Somehow I have managed to be represented in galleries from Alaska to Florida and had one-man shows in Santa Fe, Aspen, Denver, Dallas and elsewhere."

      "Freed by a salable talent, I have been allowed and sometimes, required, to be many things: a soldier, an illustrator, a wilderness guide, a teacher, an actor, a film location scout and art director, a published (read: paid) writer and photographer, a devoted mountaineer, an international boot and backpack vagabond and a dozen lesser incarnations... all inevitably related to, or supported by, the making of images. Wise or foolish, all this has made me a kind of Journeyman. Whether or not I am anartist is your call, not mine."

"Throughout the years, I have, with no small sacrifice and effort, sought the ends of the earth. Here, below the tinted cliffs and shadowed paths of Boyce Thompson's Arboretum, I have found some of those elusive ends and I know there are more nearby. I have spent my life trying to find a finer, wilder place to live, to paint, to draw, to photograph. Always what I finally find is the road back to the high Southwest."

"I hope someday to die high on some beloved icy ridge or sitting in the sun at the head of a nameless desert canyon. Until then, I'll continue walking this marvelous world, learning what I can about it and expressing its moods and emotions in whatever manner suits me at the time. Here, on the far side of 70, I still find myself painting."

      Kinslow was born in 1936 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, at the foot of the Colorado Plateau; today he lives and works in Scottsdale. Prices for works in this exhibit will range between $50 and $1200. Contact the artist by email at or by phone at 480-204-9273.

         Boyce Thompson Arboretum is located near Highway 60 milepost #223, just three miles west of the town of Superior - a drive of about one hour east of Phoenix or two hours from Tucson. Pima County drivers should take Oracle Road North to Highway 79 past Florence to Highway 60, then East for another 12 miles. Monthly exhibits may be seen in our Visitor Center gallery daily from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. from September-through-April. Summer hours during May/June/July/August are 6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. The Arboretum is an Arizona State Park and daily admission must be paid to enter the Visitor Center where the gallery is found. Admission is $7.50 for adults and $3 for ages 5-12. Annual memberships at the Arboretum begin at $45, and include a year's access, guest passes for your friends and family, along with many other benefits. A membership may be purchased in the gift shop on the day of your visit. Read more at BTA's award winning website, or connect with other Arboretum members, volunteer tourguides and staff at

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