Plants and Animals


Plant Information: 3,200 different desert plants are encompassed within the arboretum, from A to Z. Most can be seen along the 1.5 mile main trail. Learn more about the plants of the arboretum. Learn More about the plants of the arboretum.


Animal Information: A ground squirrel hops across your path, a Harris Hawk lands on a saguaro limb, a lizard does "pushups" to expose his blue abdomen from a prominent rock. More than 230 bird and 72 terrestrial species have been tallied over the years as both permanent and migratory Arboretum residents. Learn More about the animals of the arboretum.


Garden Information: The Hummingbird-Butterfly Garden is the first specialized collection visitors encounter along the main trail; others include the Desert Legume Garden, Cactus Garden, Curandero Trail, Wing Memorial Herb Garden, Eucalyptus Forest and Demonstration Garden. Learn More about the gardens around the arboretum.


Desert Information: Visitors are surprised to learn that Boyce Thompson Arboretum is more than a collection of Sonoran Desert species. Learn more about our African, South American, Asian and Mediterranean collections. Learn More about the desert areas around the arboretum.