Preston Cox Photography
Exhibited February 2017

See the Arboretum through the eyes of staff member Preston Cox, a Certified Nursery Professional with an eye for seasonal color and wildlife -- and with a knack for aiming his lens in the right place at the right time to capture compelling photographs. Maybe it comes from an intuitive gift and a keen eye -- but it helps to have a little luck, and photo-opportunities that come from year-round work and observations of the Arboretum gardens throughout the year.

Preston's photographs celebrate nearly two decades of Spring flowers and summer mornings, soggy January storms, and Fall color. Rare blooms, ephemeral butterflies, and the skilled use of natural light fill the frames of his compositions.
               Meet the Artist at his gallery opening reception Sunday February 5

These images reflect more than the seasonal, sometimes daily nuances of texture and color that the Arboretum presents to all visitors and photogarphers -- they illustrate the Preston's passion for photography.
His photographs are shown framed and matted, in the Visitor Center Gallery during February, 2017.

In addition to botany, birds and wildlife "I draw inspiration for my art from my family and my faith," says Preston "My kids Larissa, Jessica, Janae, Andrew andTristan inspire me to see the world through different eyes. My wife, Mironda, is my strength and support and inspires me to do my best. My faith inspires me to
capture the wonders of Gods creation."

"My personal perspective on art is not about a unique subject matter, but unique angles or uses of light. I also draw a lot of inspiration from my surroundings. I live in Apache Junction, where I am surrounded by the beautiful Sonoran Desert. My work at Boyce Thompson Arboretum also provides incredible ​ opportunity and inspiration."

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Photos in this exhibit are available for purchase; to inquire about ordering specific images in sizes other than currently on the walls, call Preston at 520-689-2723

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