Rim Vidziunas Photography Exhibit March-April 2014

East Valley photographer Rimgaudas Vidziunas (familar to staff and photographer friends as 'Rim') has an avid online following who appreciate his stylized images of the Arboretum and the Sonoran Desert -- plus an eclectic range of subjects from classic cars to macros. He's probably even more well-known amongst our 5,000 fans on Facebook - where Rim shares photos with heightened color and effects he produces via 'HDR.' March-April 2014 brought the chance to see enlarged version of his works in our visitor center gallery while Rim was the featured exhibitor for the month .
"I knew I was destined to become a photographer since I was a kid -- I was 11 years old when I snapped my first pictures of our German Shepherd with a Kodak Brownie box camera. In the darkroom, magically, images appeared, literally right before my eyes - and passion for photography was born. Perhaps it's ancestral, my family's history is rooted in Lithuania where my name, Vidziunas has the Latin root is-vysti which means to see more clearly with perception."

"My approach to photography remains to 'get it right in-camera'. Shooting in the RAW mode allows post-processing to adjust the white balance, increase or decrease exposure, vibrance, clarity, sharpen my images, adjust color -- in short, to add "painterly" or artistic touches, and be an artist with a camera via post-processing."
"I use HDR for tone mapping merging 3 exposed (+2,0,-2) images to make an artistic statement, add drama or a mood about how I'm feeling about the subject, for instance I use HDR in a photo of the Drover's Shed to make it appear a storm is brewing -- and HDR applied to my Dodge Power Wagon picture makes dull rust colors 'pop' and brings out detail."
"Creative HDR adds drama, adds the "wow," but with landscapes, nature, flowers, birds -- I leave those alone, only using Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 to make minor adjustments, adjusting white balance, adding vibrance or increasing clarity, sharpness... some minor color adjustment."

"My favorites? I find the Demonstration Garden and Cactus Garden among the most compelling at BTA. I'm doing "Micro-Photography' with an old Nikon Micro-Nikkor 55 mm lens manufactured in 1984 that my 92-year-old Father gave to me recently on my Nikon D7000 DSLR. Yes, you can use old Nikon film lens on new Nikon digital cameras with amazing results. The color, sharpness needs very little adjustment in post processing with Lightroom 5."
Rim doesn't work the art show circuit, but his work can be seen (and prints in a wide array of media ordered) at photographybyRimgaudas.com. Gallery in his show here were matted, framed and available in sizes ranging from 4x6 to 12x18, and priced from $50-$200.
"I'm both honored and humbled to be approved as a gallery exhibitor as a way to bring attention to my work and to the Arboretum, and to give others the opportunity to enjoy my images and imagination; I'm not planning other gallery exhibits during 2014, in part because I so much enjoy teaching occasional classes at BTA, and also being the volunteer coordinator for the new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Users Group at the Arboretum. We'll meet again in March during the month of this exhibit - -and specific dates will be announced on BTA's website. I enjoy the chance to teach and inspire others in photography."

Explore galleries of the artists' work at http://photographybyrimgaudas.blogspot.com
Or connect on Facebook
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