Tina Faust photography
Exhibited December 1-30

December can be stormy, dreary and grey but this month's gallery exhibit is anything but - vivid images of ocean sunsets, southwestern animals and colorful butterflies such as the monarch, a species that is currently the subject of a biological research project here at the Arboretum. Meet our guest artist Tina Faust Dec. 4 at her gallery exhibit opening; visitors may browse her photographs of landscapes, animals and butterflies - even enter a drawing where exhibit to win a free framed print. The drawing will be held before 2pm on December 4th. The winner will get to select from a range of prints chosen by the artist. No purchase is required to enter, and the winner will need to be present when the drawing is held. "My thought for having a December show was to include works of art that would touch most people on some level, and offer something different as a choice for gift-giving this year,” said the artist. Tina’s artwork is available for purchase and orders can be placed during the opening reception on Dec. 4, from 11am to 2pm. Tina is most passionate about capturing that one special moment – either with a sunrise/sunset, where the lighting and conditions are just right on the landscape, or connecting with her subject on some emotional level. The photographs of animals will share a feeling of some kind with the viewer. Tina got started with photography about five years ago with the purchase of her first digital camera. What started as a means to escape from the high price of film and developing turned into a newfound passion. Tina now uses a digital SLR camera, and an assortment of lenses.
"The diverse landscape that our state offers, everything from desert to pine trees and fall colors in the North, serves as an inspiration for photography in Arizona. I enjoy taking pictures of everything, and the real excitement comes when I connect with my subject and it is evident in the photo." An example is her Sunset Surfer, taken when lighting and composition were perfect at the moment it was shot. “I feel a connection in the photo with this surfer. Is he patiently awaiting the next wave, or is he in his own peaceful place with no one around to watch the sunset on this perfect evening?” “I love taking pictures, of anything and everything. This is the one outlet that allows me to do something fun, while creating works of art that people enjoy. The one in my show titled “Wisdom" has rocked my world since the day I took that photo; to me, this image speaks volumes, and almost has the baboon looking human in his own
right. He looks wise; he looks like the protector of his group." The Sun on My Back features a Monarch Butterfly, and this image was captured this fall. “I have found Monarchs to be somewhat camera shy, but this one posed nicely for me.” Tina feels this is another great example of connecting with her subject. She says, “Not to mention, since the life span of a butterfly is so short, I have forever preserved the beauty of this ephemeral creature.” Tina’s artwork will be on display at the Arboretum through Dec 30. With the wonderful weather Arizona experiences this month, Tina suggests planning to spend the day wandering around the Arboretum. “With the miles of trails and picnic grounds, it’s easy to spend an entire day. It’s very peaceful here. At the end of the day, don’t forget to stop by the display and pick up a gift or a card to order a gift. A portion of the proceeds from sales during December go to the Arboretum." "I get my printing done in various places, but most recently a fried purchased a large format professional printer, so he has been doing my printing. My husband, who works as a Production Engineer for Boeing, makes all of my frames for me and we split the finishing tasks. Some of the finishes are his specialty, but the stained ones are mine. When I'm not
taking pictures, I work full time as a Realtor for Re/Max Achievers in Mesa. We have 2 wonderful Border Collies that take up the rest of our time and a cat. We are currently residing in Gilbert, but plan on moving to Queen Creek soon.
Next month the Arboretum visitors center gallery will feature botanical watercolors, BTA scenes, and desert landscape prints by Tempe resident Pam Smyth. February's guest artist will be Queen Creek resident Kathy McClure, with a photography. And in March we showcase photography instructor Edith Krueger Nye. Tina's show may be seen in the visitors' center gallery daily from 8-5. Arboretum non-members pay daily admission of $7.50 for adults and $3 for ages 5-12. To contact the artist about sales or commissions please email To contact the artist about her works, email tina@faustphoto.com and if you'd care to see some of Tina's other works, in particular online galleries which showcase the Arboretum, CLICK HERE