Visitor Photo Galleries

The Arboretum thanks Cacti enthusiast Dave Souers for the array of colorful images posted here.
Dave has photographed various blossoms and plants around the Arboretum this year, and also plants he sees near his home and elsewhere in Arizona. Click any image to see higher resolution versions at Dave's website.
"My training is little more than instinct, and endless repetition to see what will produce the optimum results."
As to camera choice... I only have the one, an Olympus C-4000 Zoom.I have lenses & filters that are, for the most part, of little help.
The camera itself is the optimum macro lens. By utilizing the software and built-in features, I can do pretty much as I desire.""With cases of inadequate lighting, I use the digital and optical zooms with a tripod and a regulated flash.
I am disabled, and so have the time to devote to such things as my photography and my writings.

Lin took this pic of me last year when we came out to tour while the African Art Sculpture was being displayed. This photo was taken at the little bench near the herb gardens of the Clevenger House. Just to the east, think."
Also for situations where it is not possible to place the camera close enough to use the Super-Macro mode of the camera. It has the ability to focus down to .7 of an inch in the S-Mode, and is great where the lighting is OK.
My home is here in East Mesa, but I have lived in many different parts of the USA. I enjoy cacti photos more than most because of the incredible contrast between the cacti and the incredible beauty of the blossoms."
See more of Dave's work posted on CLICK HERE
See more of Dave's work posted on CLICK HERE
Dave also has one online album with images from the "Chapungu" exhibition which was here in 2002 -- see these images at Dave's site on CLICK HERE