David Oberpriller's Gallery

Arizona State Parks Volunteer David Oberpriller has been visiting for more than a decade, and has amassed a fine collection of images. Most are 35 millimeter, but this past year Dave invested in a digital camera and is recording macros like this one, as well as Arboretum wildlife, events and other scenery.


Repeat visitors such as Dave and his family are sometimes rewarded with a glimpse of furtive animals such as the Gila Monster (heloderma suspectum) which may be observed during summer months.

Or how about this image for a different interplay of color? The insects covering this pomegranate fruit (punica granatum) offer a vibrant contrast of orange and red colors. Pomegranates are among dozens of plants you'll find at Boyce Thompson Arboretum which are referenced in scriptural passages. Dave has devoted much of the past five years to studying plants of the Bible, and offers guided tours on that very subject.

In addition to leading guided tours, Arboretum volunteers prune trailside brush, help plant cacti and succulents in the desert collections, assist in the bookstore and perform a wide range of other jobs here. Dave Oberpriller spent one Saturday morning each month

working in our production greenhouses, transplanting seedlings and helping propagate various plants which are sold in the visitor center or during our annual Fall and Spring Plant Sales. Dave's wife and daughter volunteer as well; greeting arrivals at the Hospitality Table out front of our Visitor Center, creating databases of plants in our collections, and assisting with an ongoing study of Arboretum publicity in Arizona media.