Gale & Roger
Racut's Gallery

Fall color is positively festive when the red pyracantha berries hang from green foliage along the trail near the herb garden. Robins and Thrashers gorge on the fruit while its available.
An earless lizard strikes a dramatic, colorful pose on a trailside rock. Why do lizards do pushups? Territorial displays keep competing lizards away.
Even on hot summer days you'll find plenty of flowers in bloom in the Demonstration Garden; more than three dozen different plants were blooming in June.
Don't miss a walk along the high trail, an extra half-a-mile ramble along the rocky trail chiseled from a face of volcanic rock below Picketpost Mountain. Treetop views allow you to look down into the Arboretum.
Clusters of golden barrel cacti backlit by morning sun can be a challenge to photograph.
Fountains, pergolas, walls and decorative rockwork are some of the features of the Demonstration Garden.
If you have a good telephoto lens, try to get "reflecting pool" photos of the American Coot and Pied-billed Grebe floating in Ayer Lake.
How many nicknames does this plant have? Datura, also known as thornapple, has beautiful flowers which are open at night and only available to a photographer for the first few morning hours.