What's New on the Arboretum Website?

Videos: Watch online videos about BTA! Mike Rolfe, Les Lamson, Mike Foster and other videographers have posted a wide array of videos during 2011 and 2010. Preview a Lizard Walk or Bye-Bye Buzzards Day, check out Spring flowers, or view a general introduction to the Arbortetum.
September Gallery Exhibit: Mesa Art League members installed three dozen works in our Visitor Center gallery. Preview the show!
360-degree tours: take a virtual tour of the Arboretum! Professional photographer and Arboretum Volunteer Trish Gunther posted these cool links in July, 2008
Gila Monster vs. Rock Squirrel: bet you've never seen photos quite like this, from a visitor who shared her pictures of a Summertime interaction between a gila monster and a rock squirrel.
Plein Air Painters: more than a dozen artists from around the Grand Canyon State met for a "plein air paint-out" event. see artworks and read more
Hybrid Hummingbird: From September 2006 through July 2008 a once-in-a-lifetime hybrid hummingbird has been here posing for photographers and thrilling visitors. Hummingbird Photos
Visitor Photos
Visitor Photo Galleries: Did you take a particularly striking photo at the Arboretum? Phil Lowe, Marceline Vandewater and other visitors have shared beautiful images of insects, birds, flowers, wildlife and other scenery. Check out these photos by Arboretum visitors
Snowstorm March 11, 2006: several inches of snow downed trees and huge limbs, forcing temporary closure of the Arboretum from March 12-14. View groundskeeper Tammy Knight's online gallery of photos from around the trails. Visit Tammy's other Pbase galleries for snowy scenes from around Superior and along Highway 60.
Spring Flower video clip: if you have a cable or broadband connection view this lovely three-minute film of wildflower highlights from around our trails. Footage was shot in early April, 2005, edited by a Boyce Thompson Arboretum volunteer!
Roiling river video clip & still JPGs: rains of February 2005 produced waterfalls and swelled Queen Creek to a torrent; this thirty second video clip is best viewed with a broadband or cable connection), or click here for still images.
Watchable Wildlife: these photos were taken by Jennifer King in March of 2002; by popular demand we have returned this gallery to our website. When will majestic bighorn sheep visit the Arboretum again? Walk the trees, you just never know what surprises are in store!
Fall Foliage: do you love the golden aspen canyons of the San Francisco peaks, or red maple trees above the Mogollon Rim? Autumn color begins in late November here at the Arboretum.
Snake Dance: Arboretum visitors on Sept. 7, 2003 were treated to a rare experience: the chance to observe the "dance" of two western diamondback rattlesnakes
Back in Print: We are pleased to announce the third edition of "The Magnate," Herman Hagedorn's compelling biography of Arboretum founder Colonel William Boyce Thompson. The 330-page book has been out of print since 1977.
Recent Bird Sightings: Arboretum volunteer and ornithologist Richard Ditch took this great image of a Cactus Wren. Bird checklist reports and sightings around the Arboretum from 2003-2005 are posted on our website.
Zimbabwean Sculptures: did you see the wonderful touring exhibit of African statuary when that was here in 2002? Return soon, dozens of stone sculptures are in the outdoor gallery behind the visitor center bookstore.
Copperstate 1000: photographers and auto enthusiasts enjoyed a field day in April 2003, when dozens of participants in the annual Copperstate 1000 Road Rallye visited the Arboretum for a lunchtime picnic and pit-stop. CLICK HERE