Jim Burns' Gallery

Birders from around Arizona have thrilled to the news of a Varied Thrush pair feeding in the pistachio trees around Boyce Thompson Arboretum since Jack Bartley first reported the bird on Nov. 27. One week later a trio of birders from Tucson spent much of a colorful morning in the grove of pistachio trees across from the Wing Memorial Herb Garden; they spotted a pair of the birds. Over the past few weeks sightings have been more frequent - then Jim Burns was rewarded for his patience, managing to get this photo and a few others Dec. 7. Our thanks for Jim for sending this image; below are two photos he took nearly a year ago (Nov. 2002) of two varieties of Fox Sparrow which birders were seeing just west of the Herb Garden where the Thrush was photographed. Boyce Thompson Arboretum appreciates avian photographers who have shared their images for use on the website; if you have recent photos you'd like to share, send an email to BTAinfo@ag.arizona.edu.

Slate-colored Fox Sparrow, photo by Jim Burns©2002

Sooty Fox Sparrow, photo by Jim Burns©2002

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