Peter Moulton's Gallery

"Here are two shots of a male Desert Spiny Lizard...I got these
at the Arboretum in September, 2000 in the area near
the big olive just west of the Herb Garden."

Desert Spiny Lizard by Pete Moulton

"Back in September, 2002,
Cynthia found this male Neon Skimmer at the seepage area above Ayer Lake and I got only just (not very good) picture
then, so we were hoping to find (and photograph!)
more of these beautiful dragons. After all, it was
the first record for this species in Pinal County."
"Last year when there was water flowing in Queen Creek I spent a number of hours over several weekends along
the creekbed at the upper end of the lower trail
photographing Red Rock Skimmers; another new species for Pinal County."
- editor's note: if you enjoy these colorful lizard photos, pay a visit to the Arboretum on May 31 or June 28 to attend the "Learn Your Lizards" guided walk with Daren Riedle of Arizona Game & Fish. Check out the Events page for full details.