Philip Lowe's Gallery (updated March, 2009)

Editor's note: Arboretum annual member Philip Lowe shared these beautiful images of the rare hybrid hummingbird which has called the Arboretum home from September, 2006. He's still here, seen just about daily feeding in the Hummingbird-Butterfly Garden. To correspond with Philip about his camera or how he shot these, CLICK HERE. Thanks, Philip!

Blue on the head and shoulders indicates this male hummingbird has a Violet-crowned parent, while the green feathers on the wings and back suggest the bird is a hybrid who also has a Broad-billed Hummingbird in his family tree. Philip got this vivid image in our Hummingbird-butterfly Garden during October.

These caterpillars were feeding on the flesh of cholla cactus late in the Summer. They may be the larval stage of a type of cactus moth.

This male Northern Cardinal was in prime plumage; a good place to photograoh these birds is near the picnic area. Hummingbirds, like the one feeding at right, are numerous at BTA and more challenging.

"Fall color at the Arboretum peaks in late November, but I got this image of aspen and maple trees on the Ice House Canyon trail of the Pinal Mountains near Globe, AZ, in late October 2004. The male Broad-billed Hummingbird at right seems to be a year-round resident of the Arboretum since 2002."

Broad-billed Hummingbird

Lucy's Warbler

Earless Lizard


"Now, how about this for an arresting, once-in-a-lifetime image? I was with the group of about 18 participants on the Sunday morning birdwalk Dec. 7, 2003, and we all had a leisurely opportunity to see this Ringtail! The animal was uncharacteristically active during daylight - we observed it from about 15 yards away and at eye level shortly after 11 a.m. along the low cliffs on the east side of the Clevenger House (the rock shelter situated at the base of the cliffs of Magma Ridge and just inside the Wing Memorial Herb Garden)"

"I live in Tempe, recently back in my home state of Arizona after too many years in California. My camera is a Canon 10D, one of the new six megapixel Single Lens Reflex models which allow for interchangeable lenses. So far this year i've photographed several species of butterflies, and towards the end of November and this past week also captured these images of Fall color in the pistachio trees and others around the Arboretum."

Cloudless Sulphur Butterfly

Painted Lady

Common Buckeye

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