Sculptures of Zimbabwe

Proud Girl
Visitors and staff alike were thrilled at the 2002 exhibit of "Chapungu: Custom and Legend, a Culture in Stone" when the magnificent Zimbabwean sculptures were here on the grounds, enjoyed by tens of thousands of people.

"Chapungu" has toured other United States cities -- and internationally -- since 2002; at present the show is in Colorado at the Denver Botanic Gardens, where it opened last July and will continue until n Chicago February 29, 2008. Those who came to appreciate the Shona style of stone sculpture should be aware that Zimbabwean statues and carvings can be seen and purchased at the Zuva Gallery of Scottsdale, which often hosts visiting sculptors and African artists. Zuva has brought fine Zimbabwe art - and artists - to the Grand Canyon State since 1994. Visit Zuva's sculpture gallery at El Pedregal (The Boulders) in the north Valley. For more information about Zuva call 1-800-721-ZUVA
During 2002 our staff and volunteers were pleased to meet some of the artists, including continue to exhibit sculpture by premiere artists such as Arthur Fata and Sylvester Mubayi, along with musicians Crispen Manyika and Pachawo Pachawo Kashipare. A CD recording of traditional songs played on mbira by Crispen and Pachawo is available in our gift shop; to order one, call our staff during daytime business hours at 520-689-2723.

Another acclaimed collection is the Shona Sol Sculpture Garden and Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

"Herd of Elephants"
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