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Below are some of our major annual public events and a list of facilities and collections open to the public. For comprehensive events listings, visit CALES News for college-wide listings .  Univeristy of Arizona News also maintains a master calendar for campus events.


Annual Public Events

Arizona Insect Festival
The University of Arizona's Department of Entomology hosts a unique festival for science literacy and increasing awareness about the importance of insects. During this free, single-day festival each September, thousands of visitors engage in interactive exhibits and discover insect-based research taking place at UA.

Science City
During the Tucson Festival of Books, held annually in March, ignite your senses and engage your mind by visiting Science City—with over 100 hands-on activities, exciting demonstrations, informative talks, author panels, book signings and engaging presentations for all ages. Visitors will experience the connection between our daily lives and advances in science, as well as hear about the ground-breaking research being done right here at UA.


Facilities and Collections Open to the Public

Campus Arboretum
The main UA campus is also an arboretum with a unique collection of plants from arid to semi-arid climates around the world.

Robert L. Gilbertson Mycological Herbarium
Houses over 40,000 accessioned specimens of fungi and fungus-like organisms, with special collections of rusts, polypores and corticioid fungi. Our holdings are global in origin, with special attention to the macrofungi of Arizona and the southwestern U.S., Mexico, Hawaii, Alaska and the Gulf Coast region. Tours by appointment.

University of Arizona Herbarium
Located in historic Herring Hall on main campus, the UA Herbarium is a research collection of over 420,000 dried plant specimens, with emphasis on the plants of the Sonoran Desert region and adjacent areas of the southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico.

University of Arizona Insect Collection
Open by appointment, UA’s Insect Collection is the cornerstone for entomological research and insect diagnostics for the state of Arizona. The UAIC maintains approximately 2.0 million insect specimens and is the most comprehensive in the world for the Sonoran Desert Region.