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The University of Arizona and the College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences have many research facilities—some are available for contract work to the public or to industry partners or members. Listed below are CALES-affiliated labs, centers and institutes where you can gain access to cutting edge tools for research and analysis.

Advanced Resource Technology Lab

GIS environmental database design, application of cartographic and spatial analysis for agriculture, natural resources and rural development.

Aquaculture Pathology Laboratory

Dedicated to the diagnosis of diseases of cultured penaeid shrimp, from samples received from farms and research facilities all over the world.

Arizona Genomics Institute

Uses gene sequencing to better understand areas of structural, evolutionary and functional genomics of crop plants. PacBio Certified Service Provider.

Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants

Assists faculty, student and staff researchers to detect, quantify and speciate organic and inorganic micro-pollutants by using mass spectrometry and other analytical techniques.

Arizona Remote Sensing Center

Works with advanced airborne and satellite remote sensing data and other geospatial information technologies to help address both fundamental and applied issues in natural resource management.

Food Product and Safety Laboratory

State-of-the-art, USDA-inspected facility that teaches and conducts the harvesting, processing, testing and evaluation of safe meat products for consumers and industry.

Take Charge America Institute for Consumer Financial Education and Research

Creates research-based educational outreach programs to improve financial literacy and help consumers to make informed financial choices in today’s complex markets.

WEST (Water and Energy Sustainable Technology) Center

Members have priority access to a State Certified Laboratory for analysis of human microbial pathogens and expertise in chemical and microbial emerging contaminant analyses and new energy resources.

For more information regarding contracted work with University of Arizona facilities, visit the University Corporate Relations web portal. If you represent a company with an interest in partnering with the University of Arizona, please contact Evie Conlon for more information.

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