Research Strengths

The College of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences' world-class research is rooted in Arizona yet has impact around the globe.
Our seven priority research areas are:

Environment, Energy and Natural Resources

Protection, enhancement and sustainable use of soil, air and water and the conservation, management and use of natural resources (wildlife, fisheries, rangelands, forests, watersheds, and flora and fauna ecosystems).

Plant, Insect and Microbe Systems

Biology and production of plants used for food, fiber, livestock feed, industrial products and for environmental and aesthetic purposes; interrelationships between insects, plants and humans.

Health and Food Safety

The application of life sciences research to human health promotion, disease prevention, microbial and chemical food safety; nutrition and physical activity in the prevention of human disease and health promotion.

Families and Communities

Research into the economic, social, psychological and biological factors affecting individuals, families and groups over their lifespan.

Animal Systems

Basic and applied research to improve productivity and increase the quality, composition, safety and desirability of animal products; the use of integrated and sustainable production systems compatible with arid environments.


Consumers, marketplace, trade and economics; global and national trade activities, economic analyses of food, fiber and natural resources; the economic analysis and resource allocation processes of businesses, governments and consumers, and strategic analysis of the environments in which market participants operate.

One Health

Applying multiple disciplines to investigate the relationships between animals, the environment and humans to improve human and environmental health.