Student Resources

Top employers and prestigious graduate and professional schools seek CALES graduates: according to a recent U.S. Census Bureau release, students that graduate within fields offered in CALES can anticipate having among the five highest paying degrees. With an average starting salary of $51,220, these graduates can earn $2.6 million in lifetime earnings, over $800,000 more than other college graduates. CALES offers a full suite of services and resources for students to explore career and research possibilities in more than 20 disciplines - from soil science to nutrition to fashion retailing - and discover your strengths while developing skills to make you successful throughout your career.

As a student in CALES, you'll be recognized as among the most highly engaged, future leaders in our society.

Ultimately our goal is for 100% of our entering students to complete their degree. To accomplish this we offer support to all students, tailored to match their needs, recognizing that students arrive from different backgrounds, with different levels of preparation, financial and home-life challenges.

Read our full Undergraduate Student Success Strategy report or download our summary infographic.